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I am a registered and chartered physiotherapist who has been in practice for 13 years.  I've worked for many years at a sports rehabilitation clinic in Auckland, New Zealand working with athletes at all levels as well as managing both occupational and sports related injuries including gym based functional return to work programmes and management of both rheumatic conditions and chronic pain.

After moving to London, I worked in a renowned Occupational Private Practise for 5 years where she also worked as an Extended Scope Physiotherapist for Health Care America. I predominantly treated occupational based pain and arranged appropriate investigations for her patients while working closely with some of the leading orthopaedic and musculoskeletal specialists in London. This really focused my passion to ensure my patients' overall wellbeing was being addressed and managed in a multidisciplinary setting.

I'm highly experienced at working with athletes in both amateur and professional fields of sports. My passion is horse riding and she currently works with horse riders of all levels, undertaking rider assessments on a riding simulator, and runs Pilates for Horse Riders at Wimbledon Village Stables. 

I've completed a mentorship programme with Diane Lee and Associates in Canada on the Integrated Systems Model. This system of bodywork is focused on addressing the multiple possible causes of your pain.


Ultimately the goal is to help you change the way you use your body by creating an awareness of the things you are doing that are currently overloading structures and creating pain.


I will provide you with the tools necessary (knowledge, control, flexibility & strength) to move in ways that create optimal pain-free movement.  


I'm a fully registered and chartered physiotherapist and I am passionate about thorough, expert patient care. For me this means a proper patient pathway of treatment.

I enjoy getting my "teeth" into recent or complex musculoskeletal injuries and pain problems.


I believe in getting to the root cause of a patient's condition, using evidence-based best practice. 


I enjoy educating my patients so that they can not only return to full function but maintain a high level of physical fitness and prevent recurrence.

As well as being a physio, I wear other hats that allow me to explore my creative side and sharpen my business skills. I believe this helps me bring transferable skills to the table in the overall care and best interest of my patients.

I love strumming up recipes, creating them for others to enjoy, conversing and meeting around the table, fondly called "The POTTER'S table

Treatments with us may include: 

• Orthopaedic Post Operative Management

• Spinal Manipulation

• Acupuncture

• Clinical Pilates

• Rehabilitation Exercises

• Visceral treatment

• Cranio-sacral treatment

• Sports taping and injury prevention

• Education and Advise on your Pain or Injury

• Management of Rheumatic conditions (adolescent and adult)

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I hold massage clinic every Wednesday from 3pm to 8.30pm here in Wimbledon.

I offer sports and deep tissue massage, ensuring my client' recovery is a holistic experience.


I also offer aromatherapy massage, pregnancy massage and holistic massage.

I'm a registered member of the Government backed Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which requires practitioners adhere to a strict code of conduct.

It may be possible to claim the cost of your massage treatment back from your healthcare provider or insurance company. If you would like to do this, please check with your provider first. 

Appointments can be made directly with Sarah on: 


07932999275 or


Adult Students

Master of Health Practice in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (with Merit).

Auckland University of Technology 2010


Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science Western Acupuncture.

Auckland University of Technology



Bachelor of Health Science Physiotherapy

Auckland University of Technology



Diploma of Sport and Recreation (Top Scholar) 

Auckland University of Technology 2002




Back Massage

Integrated System Model Mentorship Programme

Diane Lee, Vancouver, Canada.



Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute London, UK


Mat Pilates Level 1, 2 & 3 Certificates

Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute  - London, UK.



Riding Lessons

Pilates for Horse Riders

Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute  - London, UK.




Rider Injury and Imbalances

Level 1 Course

Andy Thomas Equestrian Olympic Physiotherapist



Amanda runs:

Pilates classes focused on improving strength and stability in horse riders.


Simulator sessions to work on riding injuries and imbalances.

see www.equicise.co.uk for more information on the simulator