Personalised one-on-one pilates for rehabilitation

Firstly, we ensure you are safe to start pilates.


We will then walk you through the pilates basics to be able to align and connect to the appropriate muscles required to do pilates movements safely and correctly. 


After this is achieved the focus is then on improving your ability to find and activate your abdominal and pelvic muscles and layer on other movements both on the mat as well as in standing that focus on your movement or sports related goals. We encourage home and work practise that is goal orientated and meaningful to you to emphasise clinical pilates practise benefits.


We have specialised interest in managing the following with Clinical Pilates:

Post Surgical Spinal/Upper limb/lower limb rehabilitation 

Sports rehabilitation 

Pre and Post Natal Trained

Hyper-mobility a Rheumatic conditions (adults and adolescents) 

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Pilates for pregnancy

Pre and Post Natal Pilates can help you strengthen and prepare you for all stages of becoming a mum! When you are guided by a qualified practitioner it is safe. The exercises are undertaken to improve the pelvic floor, back and core stability, build endurance and strength while improving general movement and diaphragmatic breathing.


Amanda can support you throughout the natural bodily changes that occur throughout your pregnancy. She is fully trained in both pre and post natal clinical pilates as well as managing different pregnancy related pain syndromes. Over the years she has developed methods in which are realistic and specific for you to ensure you are able to undertake your own individualised exercise plan at home as well as exercises that are quick and effective for you to continue to do when baby arrives and to suit your busy active life! 

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Pilates for horse riders

Pilates for Horse Riders is ideal for anyone who is either thinking about starting up riding, has a riding injury both acute or chronic, would like to prevent injury, returning to riding after a break or having a baby or you would like to improve your riding confidence and performance as well as improve any imbalances that may have formed over time that could be affecting your riding or lead to formation of a long term musculoskeletal injury. 


Amanda runs two classes a week at Wimbledon Village Stables (maximum 6 people per class) as well as undertaking rider imbalance screening sessions both on and off the Equicise simulator. Pilates courses at the stables are run throughout the year, contact her now to find out when the next course will be starting. When you sign up for the course you will receive a free screening assessment.