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The Neural visceral systems approach, Amanda Hall Physio.jpg

The Cranial visceral systems approach

Advancements in science have provided me with understanding of just how important it is to integrate the treatment of both the neural and visceral systems when supporting your recovery from surgery, sports injuries, women’s health issues as well as general good health.

We now know these two systems play a significant role in your body’s ability to regulate, heal and maintain good health – and that in many cases traditional physiotherapy alone is not enough. Working with the neural and visceral systems may include cranial adjustments, acupuncture, soft tissue releasing and neural muscular queuing.

By paying close attention, first and foremost, to these deeper layers of your system we can optimise your programme and help you recover in a more timely and effective manner, move more freely and ensure you get the right treatment at the right time, from the right professional.

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