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Pelvic Health

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What We Do

While your health is in your hands, you may feel unsure as to what is normal and what is not when it comes to women’s health.


As women there are specific times you will need specialised care. These include pre, during and post pregnancy, age related hormonal changes, when you experience pelvic floor pain or weakness, joint stiffness, muscle tightness and bone changes. 


We are passionate about women’s health and offer a unique service where we treat you as a whole person assessing your chemical, hormonal, neural, joint, muscle health, right through to your psychological wellbeing. This can include both internal and external pelvic assessment and treatment We will then develop a personalised programme to support you throughout your journey.

Patient stories Pelvic health, Amanda Hall Physiotherapy

Patient stories

Managing Pregnancy-Related Incontinence

A patient, who was pregnant with her third child, was experiencing increasing incontinence symptoms.  Despite seeing another physio, she hadn’t received a full internal examination and was doing her exercises incorrectly, worsening her symptoms.  After just one session, I identified a prolapse and helped her improve her pelvic floor control.  I also referred her for a gynaecology review to ensure she received the best care for the remainder of her pregnancy.  It wasn’t long before she felt much more confident and comfortable and in control of her symptoms.

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