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An Integrated approach to rehabilitation and health

I have spent years working with top clinicians in their leading fields to ensure her patients are treated with the most recent and professional treatment approaches. 


understand how injury and pain impacts your wellbeing  and activity and currently treats athletes at all levels of sports in horse riding, golf, rugby, swimming, football, athletics and more.


See her testimonial page for more information on what my patients and peers think of her! 



What to Expect

After the initial consultation, which includes taking both a thorough history of your presenting concern I will then decide what tests are appropriate to determine the cause of your condition or pain.


It is best to wear loose clothing and preferably bring along some shorts that are easy for you to move in to your consultation. I will then discuss your goals and decide upon the best treatment plan for you with you. 


There is no extra charge for insurance and doctor referral letters. I include you in all information sent to both your insurance and other health professionals. All information about how your personal information is safely stored is outlined in the booking form I will send you before your initial consultation.


We are covered with most major insurance companies. Please see the home page for further information