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Our prices

Initial assessment (Amanda & Leona)

£140/1 hour

Follow-up sessions (Amanda & Leona)

£75/30 min

£140/1 hour

Massage (Matt)

£69/45 min

£79/1 hour

£104/90 min

Block booking 6 hours of treatment: £425 saving 10%

Massage (Sarah)

£42/30 min

£57.57/45 min

£73/1 hour

£99.75/90 min

Block booking 4x60 minute treatments £273

6 x 60 minute treatments £378

3 hour Myofascial Release Intensive treatment £198

Pilates (Emily)

£219/3x60 min pilates package


£201/3 x 45 mins

£67 per session

Please note

We are a self-pay practice and if you choose to use your insurance we advice you to check with your insurance company to ensure you are covered by their policy.

Please note some insurance companies may only cover a 30 minute physio session. 

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