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Sports and injury rehab Amanda Hall Physiotherapy

What We Do

Movement is a natural part of healthy living and there will be times when you sustain injury or suffer acute or chronic pain. 


This is the perfect time to meet with a member of our team for an assessment to identify the root cause and develop a programme to improve your stability, strength and mobility in order to prevent further injury and ongoing pain.


If you lead a very active life, we offer a number of services to support the prevention of injury and pain. These include Pilates, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Muscle and Balance Assessments as well as neural alignment.

Patient stories Sports Physio, Amanda Hall Physiotherapy

Patient stories

Overcoming Knee Pain

A patient came to us experiencing pain in her right knee whenever she walked.  While her knee movement was good, we discovered the alignment of her upper body, particularly her rib cage, was affecting the load on her knee due to her work posture.  Our treatment focused on realigning her rib cage and releasing tight muscles, along with educating her on maintaining good posture at work.  With these adjustments, my patient’s knee pain quickly resolved, and she could walk pain-free again.

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